04/12/2009 11:20

The “World’s Greatest Ever Boxer” project has generated enormous debate and interest as the global boxing community vote to determine once and for all “who is the greatest ever.”

The project has many components but it is with great regret that the organizers have decided not to stage the awards ceremony and boxing show scheduled Dec. 11-13 in Las Vegas. This very difficult decision was taken following a number of issues regarding the execution of key performance milestones in relation to the staging of the events.

All tickets purchased through www.greatestever.com or accredited ticket brokers will be fully refunded. Ticket purchasers must contact the seller direct and provide receipts or copy of correspondence confirming purchase details.

The “World’s Greatest Ever Boxer” would like to thank the Retired Boxers Foundation (Alex Ramos and Jacqui Richardson) the committee that made the initial nominations of boxers (Tom Hauser, Ron Borges, Colin Hart, Jean-Phillippe and Al Bernstein), along with Warriors Boxing and Inside the Ring for support throughout this project.

We would also like to thank the various agencies and representatives who worked with us and provided advice and encouragement and especially the nominees who have also provided their support, most notably Aaron Pryor, Jeff Fenech and Mike Tyson, and legendary boxing broadcaster, Al Bernstein.

The “World’s Greatest Ever Boxer” has generated a lot of debate and discussion that is still on-going. We would like to thank all boxing fans who have participated in the “World’s Greatest Ever Boxer.”

The winners of the global vote for the “World’s Greatest Ever Boxer” will still be announced on Sunday Dec. 13, 2009.

Voting will close Friday Dec.11 and winners will be released around the world via interactive and broadcast media. More details of the results announcement will be released in the coming days at www.greatestever.com.

The global vote has now been going since June and more than 500,000 votes have been cast from all corners of the world. Boxing fans have been voting for their favourite boxers of all time in the eight original weight categories and for the World’s Greatest Ever Boxer. There is still time to register your vote by clicking on the VOTE NOW button.

We would also encourage all boxing fans to make a donation to the Retired Boxers Foundation, a most worthy charity – The Undisputed Champions for Dignity – www.retiredboxers.org