Pacquiao deserves justice, not 'juice' (allegations)

07/10/2009 07:13

In a recent interview with The Grand Rapids Press, trainer Floyd Mayweather Snr. made a statement that has seen sheer controversy as a result.

In sports of all kind today, athletes have attempted time and time to gain an unfair edge, with some finding success, and others not being so lucky.

The sport of boxing has seen the likes of Roy Jones Jr., Shane Mosley, and a few other highly notables fall victim to either total guilt, or at the minimal, strong allegations of illegal doping. The trend of placing fighters of today amongst those doping ranks had appeared to have come to an end, or at least that was until this speculation started.

There has been no concrete proof that the fighting Filipino, Manny Pacquiao, has ever taken (or even considered) the use of drugs, however, according to Mayweather Snr, recent interviews have shown a slight twitch in the Filipino.

No question, recent years has seen a heavy influx of competitors trying to win at all cost, but this type of suggestion, or allegation, without fact certainly adds fuel to an already raging wildfire that will undoubtedly be hard to put out.

It has never once crossed my mind that Pacquiao could (or would) entertain any use of illegal substances, as being a prideful man of his homeland, the pain of letting his people down would burn far too deep. But in the mind of his critics, that would simply justify the cause.

It's a shame that a man who has carried himself with complete honor and dignity to this point in his career would be subjected to this type of allegation, but it should be noted that many around the sport have quietly wondered what Mayweather Snr. has recently decided to go on camera and say out loud. According to Mayweather Snr., those in Pacquiao's camp has tried to "push the Filipino too hard" to fulfil their own pursuit of happiness.

With nothing being confirmed, such speculation should remain away from the public sector.

Mayweather's own son has recently been subjected to allegations - albeit of a different type. Rumors have run rampant about the young Floyd having money problems - as evidenced in the recent car repossession - and only returning to the sport as a result. Even if true, it's pretty pathetic when people make a mockery of a man who decided to get off the couch and try to work legally to support his family. Similarly, in the case of Pacquiao, it's pretty pathetic for a lack of understanding or a personal question to lead to the wide scale questioning of ones credibility.

Typically, where there's smoke there's fire, but as it relates to this matter, I think it's probably more fizz than fizzle. Until Pacquiao is actually found to have an illegal substance in his body, I maintain that his victories have all come as a result of hard work, not illegal tactics. You should do the same.

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