The best city to host the Pacquaio Mayweather fight

10/12/2009 13:08

The best city to host the Pacquaio Mayweather fight

Lets stop the madness with all of these potential locations for the Pacquiao Mayweather fight. The best location for this March13 mega fight is in Las Vegas,Nevada. It doesn't make since to hold a fight of this magnitude outside of Vegas. This city is the mecca of boxing. Rich in history when it comes to this sport.

Let me remind everyone that Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are both very successful when it comes to fighting in Las Vegas. Taking two fighters out of their element could be beneficial or a disaster.

The only possible benefit to holding a fight in another city is the seating. A large venue such as the Super Dome in New Orleans,Yankee Stadium in New York, American Airlines Center in Dallas. These places would provide more seating than MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It would give boxing fans a chance to grab tickets to the biggest fight in history.

This fight can generate money and boost tourism. Of course everyone wants this fight in their city. Only one city has a history of hosting the biggest fights in the sport of boxing. Vegas should be the site of the March 13 fight.