Roach the mad scientist has the Pacquiao master plan all stirred up!

21/10/2009 09:14

Roach thinking of a Master Plan- Defeating a monster like Cotto is a very hard thing to do. Try using your speed advantage over him as Judah and Mosley tried to do and Cotto will only use it against you by timing you at just the right time. Try to come in on a defensive shell as Clottey tried to do, and Cotto will still find a way to get to you. In fighting Pacquiao, Cotto will have a storm on his hands and maybe a bigger storm in Freddie Roach. Roach is the ultimate student of the game, Roach will find weaknesses in the opposition in rapid speed. Roach will for sure train Manny to come in and out like a lightning bolt against Cotto. The game plan will be the one used against Oscar. IN there to cause damage and out of there before your opponent can react. Sounds easy enough right? Well, against Cotto things are never going to be easy, but Roach is the kind of trainer that makes things look very easy. For example, take Hatton, I always knew that Pacquiao would KO Hatton, but never did I for even a second think that Pacquiao would do it as easy as he did. Like I said, Roach has ways of making things look easy, sometimes too easy.
Head On Collision! Pacquiao vs. Cotto- Right now as things stand, everything looks great for Pacquiao to come out of this war with the W. I mean simply look at Pacquiao's sparring partners- Urbano Antillon, Jose Luis Castillo, and Shawn Porter. As for Cotto, well let's just say that the only name that I was familiar with was Gato Figueroa, and Figueroa got dismissed out of camp with the speed of a Gato. Back to Pacquiao, Now I know that Castillo is not the force he once was, but I know for a fact that Porter is a real force. For those of you that have never seen Porter, Porter is a combo of Mosley and Berto. Porter is built like Berto but goes hard to the body like Mosley. Call me crazy, but I feel that Cotto still has a real good shot. A part of me feels that yes it's great to spar against great competition to better yourself, but maybe just maybe studs like Porter can over work you and may inflict some damage. Maybe Cotto wants to be as fresh as he can be, since after all, Cotto looked anything but fresh after the Clottey war. For Pacquaio to score, Pacquaio will have to come into the lions mouth to get some, but once he is there right at the tip of the mouth, Pacquiao will be recieving more than he was expecting to recieve. Think Taylor/Abraham, sure Taylor tried to fight Abraham from long distance, but the monster that is Abraham would then move forward to fire away heavy ass shots, well ladies and gents, Cotto is also that kind of monster.
Pavlik versus Williams- A part of me wants Pavlik to resurface like his old self by knocking guys out cold like he used to do. That part of me however may be dreaming. I feel that Williams unhuman like workrate will baffle Pavlik from start to finish. Pavlik, however has a punchers chance. We know that Williams will be extra busy, so being extra busy will leave you open from time to time, if Pavlik can find an opening and fire off a bomb, say that bomb lands flush, what will happen then? That question right there is what makes this fight so intriguing. As of right now though, I am sticking with the Punisher. Just talking about this fight makes me want to see Calzaghe come back and fight Williams. Wow, a Calzaghe/Williams clash will have no breaks at all, workrate versus workrate, no cornermen needed in this one, these two will fight through the breaks.