Pacquiao and his chainsaws

15/10/2009 13:41

The legendary Lou Duva said it best, " Pacquiao is going to hit this guy so many times, and he's going to be throwing punches from angles Cotto won't be able to deal with." 


The thing about Manny Pacquiao when you look at him fight is how he moves.  The guy is all over the place, he throws from crazy angles, he hops around, he jumps in, and he jumps out, he moves his head, he's just outright crazy in the ring.  Crazy in a good way of course.  When a fighter has to deal with Pacquiao in the ring it's basically their fists against Manny's chainsaws.


It's not a very fair trade off.  Imagine trying to fight a guy with your fists, and in return you get cracked in the face with two well oiled chainsaws at full throttle.  It's just not a good deal for someone.  David Diaz said it best during his post fight interview after the thrashing that he received from Manny, " It felt like I was getting hit by Manny and the referee at the same time!"


Hall of fame boxing trainer Lou Duva in an interview with said this," I just don't think Cotto is going to be able to deal with the speed, and the amount of punches that will be coming at him."  You see, it's the same old song and dance.  Pacquiao's opponents just get overwhelmed by his speed, his power, and the amount of punches coming at them.  When Pacquiao fought De La Hoya, he did pretty much the same thing that he always does. He cranked up his chainsaws and carved his initials MP into the side of De La Hoya's face.  The look on Oscar's face said a thousand words.  He had a warriors heart, but his brain was telling him, "get the hell out of here you idiot."


Pacquiao's a completely different monster to deal with than most fighters.  His speed mixed in with power, and pure tenacity is outright scary.  Hey, if you don't believe me you can always ask Morales, De La Hoya, Barrera, Hatton....need I go on?