Opinion: Miguel Cotto Must Survive Round One to Stay Safe in the Game

14/11/2009 09:19
Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao will be relentless in his quest for his place in boxing history by knocking out his opponent in round one of his Firepower match with Miguel Cotto. The Puerto Rican boxer must survive round one to stay safe in the game.

Miguel Cotto must survive the first round of his 'Firepower' match with Manny Pacquiao to stay in the game. If the Puerto Rican boxer survives the initial assault of the pound-for-pound king, he will have a good fighting chance of prolonging the fight but he must find his mark in the succeeding rounds or Pacquiao will be relentless in his pursuit of his much-desired seventh win in different weight classes. Round one is critical in the 'Firepower' match as it will dictate the tempo of the fight. Pacquiao needs a window to pursue his ambition to get rid of the Puerto Rican boxer in the first round as predicted by his trainer. Once he sees an opening, Pacquiao is expected to throw his punches in rapid succession while keeping his distance from Cotto. If Pacquiao fails to finish Cotto in round one, as many boxing fans believe he won't, his trainer and coach, Freddie Roach will have to activate Plan B which calls for a sustained attack on Cotto while the pound-for-pound king maintains safe distance from the Puerto Rican hard puncher. Pacquiao is expected to dance around Cotto but will be watchful for a rare opening while Cotto is busy with his defences from the lightning speed of Pacquiao. Pacquiao's fight plan calls for him to stay in the middle of the ring and avoid being trapped in the rope and corners of the ring. Cotto is expected to throw his dynamite power punch once he sees his target at close range. His much talked about power will send Pacquiao rolling on the canvas once he is hit by Cotto. Round one is critical because it can make or break Pacquiao's dream of being placed in history books as the first boxer to win seven times in seven different weghts. Pacquiao's chance of winning the fight in later rounds is lesser than a win in the first round or at least in the first four rounds of the fight while Cotto's chances are greater in the middle or later rounds. The popular Filipino boxer will collide Saturday with WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas Nevada. Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotions is promoting the fight which will be shown on worldwide television and is available on pay-per-view.