Got Pacquiao?

10/12/2009 13:03

As I have witnessed the growing popularity in Manny Pacquiao over the past few years, the coverage of the Filipino icon has grown too. This guy is in Nike commercials, on billboards, in movies, sells CD's, runs for political seats, and oh yeah, he's a pretty good fighter. The man has gone from being unheard of growing up, to international stardom.

Boxing sites all over the net have him on or near the front page. If he's not on the front page it's because the day before that, he was on the front page.  Pacquiao is making a lot of money, and on a much smaller scale he is making money for the boxing writers as well. Boxing sites feature Pacquiao almost on a daily basis for a few reasons.  Of course one reason is due to just how good Manny is, and his story is an incredible one. What he's done in this sport is mind boggling to say the least.  The other reason Pacquiao is featured on a day to day basis on the boxing sites is simply because it's what drives traffic.

Look at the sites for yourself.  All of the sites are enjoying the traffic that they are receiving based on who? Manny Pacquiao. This writer does the same exact thing for my site We feature Pacquiao quite a bit simply because he is what the people want to read, and it brings traffic to the site.  All of the other boxing sites are doing the same thing. Additionally, many writers who are making money writing daily Manny Pacquiao articles are the enjoying the same fruits.  There will be a day however, when Manny retires that the well will dry up some for these writers.  So memo to the young writers, enjoy it while it lasts because it's not going to last forever.

Pacquiao is everywhere in boxing, he's on the sites, he's on the magazine covers, he's on billboards and he's on national television shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Every thirty years or so we have someone like Manny that arrives on scene, and just takes the world by storm.  Soon enough, more than likely, it will be official and Manny Pacquiao will take on Floyd Mayweather Jr.  This will increase the traffic to the boxing sites even more. It will increase the pay checks for the writers, and obviously it makes a lot of money for the fighters, and the promoters.  Pacquiao is everywhere, got Pacquiao?