Floyd Mayweather's feet (feats) won't fail him on Manny Pacquiao

10/12/2009 13:05

I could be right here but I see no need for anyone to take the temperature of Floyd Mayweather’s feet.

I wouldn’t read too much into the sudden cancelation of the Dallas Cowboys stadium tour by Mayweather’s appointed rep, Richie Rich Schaefer.

There’s nothing that ex-banker Schaefer likes more than rubbing elbows with fat cats so I’m sure he was disappointed about not going to hobknob with NFL titan Jerry Jones and/or his son Jerry Jones Jr.

Manny Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum revealed to me that he was “stunned” by a Tuesday night phone call (Arum’s 78th birthday) from Schaefer. He said the Golden Boy executive—harrumph, harrumph and cough, cough—used the flimsy excuse that “Mayweather doesn’t want to fight in an outdoor arena.”

Arum may have spit out his birthday cake but he didn’t say so. He did mention to Schaefer that the Cowboys glitzy new playpen has a huge roof which can be easily closed.

I thought this was a bit distasteful, myself. Why confuse Team Mayweather with facts?

This refusal to even take a whirlwind tour of "Jerry's World" has to be a hammer to some Texas-sized egos. Locals wear teeshirts featuring the new stadium which shout, 'OURS IS BIGGER."

Let’s face it, neither Mayweather nor Pacman suffers if their March 13 mega bout happens on the familiar turf of Clark County, Nevada.

Why do the big fights historically go there? Same answer as the one bank robber Willie Sutton gave when asked why he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is!”

Mayweather is a homeboy and he is cozy and comfy in his Big Boy Mansion and in his own boxing gym. They are in the same zip code or an adjacent one to the MGM Grand Arena.

If he can go crosstown and garner a $25 million payday, then why log any air miles?

I’ve written several times that the most level playing field, the square ring, is in Nevada where the most competent officials are.

This super bout belongs in Vegas like Monets belong in art museums.

There will be no hornets nest in agreeing to officials because the Nevada commission will come up with an acceptable panel.

Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas (AP Photo)

You paranoid types may think that the Texas Tango is a sign of ducking and dodging to come from the Mayweather side.

I don’t but, then again, I always saw Dallas as a site pretender, not a contender.

Maybe if I went to the University of Texas instead of the University of Nevada, I’d have felt differently.

But I don’t think so.

Mayweather’s feet and his past feats won’t fail him now, I say.

Mayweather wants the fight, the challenge, the major moolah.

He just doesn't want to fly to get it.