Boxing Fans’ Xmas Wish Granted: Floyd Mayweather JR – Manny Pacquiao is a Done Deal

10/12/2009 13:27

The two biggest names in boxing are now officially on a collision course for March 13, 2010. A reliable source very close to the negotiations told RSR that both fighters have signed to fight and have agreed on their cut and their purses in this super fight. The issue of the weight that they will meet at has also been settled according to the source. The venue should be named in the near future for this mega event, with California and Las Vegas being heavily considered.

Floyd Mayweather, JR., 40-0, 25 KO’s, is considered too good to lose by many. His defense, timing, and ability to nullify his opponent’s aggression make him a very difficult man to beat. He has underrated power, but does seem to lack the killer instinct to make him a fan favorite.

Not lacking the killer instinct is the opponent, Manny Pacquiao, 50-3-2, 38 KO’s, known as the most ferocious fighter in the game, never stopping and never giving up. He comes to the ring smiling, eager to fight, and gladly representing his homeland of the Philippines. The fact that he appears to enjoy being inside the ring and brawling is intimidating to opponents and when you combine that with his physical assets: power, speed, timing, and his ability to adjust in the ring, he is a very hard man to beat.

What makes this bout so interesting is the fact that somebody has to lose (a draw is highly unlikely). Floyd’s run as the best in the game, untouchable, and unbeatable will come to an end, or Manny’s momentum and knockout streak will stop. Either way the boxing fans will get something that they haven’t seen in a while. One of these great boxers with an “L” on their record.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd’s Record

When you look at the many victories on the record of Mayweather, very few have the abilities of a Manny Pacquiao. In fact, none of them have all of the abilities rolled into one fighting machine that is Pacquiao. So we will break them up:

Zab “Super” Judah
April 8, 2006
UD – 12 for Mayweather (119-109, 117-111, 116-112)

Judah, a quick and powerful southpaw, was one of the few fighters to find Mayweather inside of the ring. His southpaw stance and speed were two factors that Floyd had issues with and although it was never scored a knockdown, Judah did drop Floyd in the fight. Judah’s lack of focus cost him in the later rounds and the judges didn’t help his cause either. Judah is comparable to Pacquiao in speed and some of the tactics he uses in the ring. He comes at odd angles and is a southpaw, but he doesn’t have the tenacity or the endurance, but if you look at this fight, you have to be optimistic if you are a Manny fan. Mayweather had a lot of trouble with Judah.

Jose Luis Castillo I & II
April 20, 2002, December 7, 2002
UD-12 for Mayweather (116-111, 115-111, 115-111)
UD-12 for Mayweather (115-113, 116-113, 115-113)

The first fight between these two was debatable which is why there was a rematch. What Castillo was able to do was to use his strength and muscle Floyd around the ring and into the ropes. His aggression was effective and he was able to outwork Floyd and keep him in a shell at times, making him reluctant to fire back. Although Floyd won both fights, he didn’t have an easy time with it. It is safe to say that Pacquiao’s aggression has proven to be more effective than that of Castillo and he is far quicker. This is another check in favor for Manny going into this one.

Emanuel Augustus
October 21, 2000
TKO-9 by Mayweather

Augustus is not similar to Manny when it comes to power or speed, but he is quick. His bouncing in and out style has some similarities to Pacquiao and it was that style that gave Floyd some trouble. Although Floyd came back and stopped Augustus, he did note after the fight and sometime after that that he was his toughest opponent.

The three fighters listed above all have similarities to Pacquiao in one way or another but do not present the total package that the “Pacman” does. Floyd will have to deal with a beast that brings many of the problems that Judah, Augustus, and Castillo brought to the ring. It should be pointed out though, that Floyd won every fight, adjusting to Judah and winning the later rounds, nearly stopping him, and winning the second fight with Castillo more clearly that the first. Don’t get too excited if Manny comes out to an early lead. Floyd can adjust.

Floyd Mayweather JR vs. Manny’s Record

There is not one fighter on the list of boxers on Manny’s record that can compare to Floyd. Floyd is by far the biggest challenge that he has ever faced and will present a new picture, far different than anything that he has ever seen, but there are a few on the list that possess some of Floyd’s characteristics…

Juan Manuel Marquez I & II
May 8, 2004, March 15, 2008
Draw – 12 (115-110, 113-113, 110-115)
SD – 12 (115-112, 112-115, 114-113)

Out of all Manny Pacquiao opponents, Juan Manuel Marquez gave him the most trouble, controlling the ferocity in front of him with his superb boxing skills. His lapses in defense cost him in both fights and both decisions are debatable. Marquez could have easily been 2-0 from those two encounters had a judge seen a close round differently. Marquez’s ability to hit the awkward Pacquiao with left hooks and jabs and avoid the incoming has to make the Floyd supporters optimistic. Marquez is nowhere near the ability of Floyd but he was able to control Manny. What will a better fighter with better boxing skills do?

Erik Morales I
March 19, 2005
UD – 12 for Morales (115-113, 115-113, 115-113)

Although Pacquiao came back and stopped Morales in their next two encounters, the first bout holds some keys to victory for Floyd. The tight defense and focused game plan by Morales were the keys to victory over Manny. He jabbed, held when he had to, and kept his hands high, avoiding most of the incoming punches. Floyd has no problems with focus and is a much better boxer than Morales. This is another check for Floyd.

After examining both records of each fighter, it is safe to say that neither has faced what they are about to face this March 13th. You can make a strong case for either fighter in this bout. Manny’s aggression and speed will be too much. Floyd’s defense and ability to control his opponents will be too much. Wherever you stand on this topic, one this is certain. We are in for a great treat. RSR is happy to be the ones to inform you that the fight is officially set for March 13, 2010 and we will have more details in the days and weeks to come regarding this super fight.