Arum's "it's now or never" sales pitch negligible!

07/12/2009 09:45

Straight Notes from Jetweight Theory of Inspiration, December 7, 2009 - I am not a fan of Manny Pacquiao, nor am I beholden to his wishes at all. But, I feel his pain. It's not easy to be caught in a situation that demands drastic choice especially in the confluence of two extremes.

Fresh from another alleged affair with Krista Ranillo, Pacquiao feels the need to reestablish bonding with his family more than ever, that he must, just as when he was alleged as well to have an affair with Ara Mina two years ago. He must have felt that taking a break from secluded training for boxing is the right thing to do, at least at this time, especially holidays rhyme all over the corner, for his family.

Even just doing a small thing with his wife, Jinky, and his kids during his election campaign can spell a big difference to his family.

Conversely, I doubt if Pacquiao really knows well the activities of daily living of his kids by now. And let me brag this irreverently and rhetorically: I don't think Pacquiao has richer relationship with his kids than what I have with my two boys, 5 & 8. Even though I am considerably "chasing" from one paycheck to another, I still think I have more of what is unseen: that joy of being with my kids and my wife daily and that elation I get of being able to play and laugh with them in moments of their need for moral support, other than those special moments of watching them sleeping in their glorious smile.

You see, spending less time with family is nothing less than eating junk foods daily and just taking quality meals once in a while. It's pathetic, indeed.

Meanwhile, "pop-out" bloggers have shown misunderstandings about the requirements of a contract. Contrary to widespread reports, the contract for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight has not been signed yet by either parties. Finer points such as the size of gloves, the weight class at which they must agree to fight, are not immaterial to the perfection of the contract. Both camps are still in negotiation.

Yes, the pressure he gets from the "it's now or never" pitch of Arum is totally negligible. In as much as the boxing public wants Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, Pacquiao must be the master of his own schedule, whether it be for business or personal matters, let alone the interferences from the leeches all around.

On the other hand, March 13, 2010 is too close and too soon for Manny Pacquiao. And I think twelve weeks of preparation for this magnitude of a fight cannot give forth the same quality for him than having such fight scheduled sometime after the honeymoon of May 10 elections in the Philippines. He would only be so unfocused, too hasty as a matter of fact.

Another thing, election campaign does not really start on the day the law enforces each candidate to observe. Building a stronger political machinery is something that requires Pacquiao's physical presence even days before the official campaign period starts, if he so intends to win over Roy Chongbian, the annointed one of Chongbian dynasty that reigns in Saranggani for over two decades now.

What more conflicts can he have than what he has now?