Looking for a demo of the game called X-Hex

AllenDax | 02/03/2020

Hi everybody!
I'm looking for a demo of the game named X-Hex[url=].[/url] The idea of the game is this[url=].[/url]
Field rhombuses[url=].[/url] On the fields set dots[url=].[/url] Thanks to these points the field grows and becomes bigger[url=].[/url]
At the moment when it begins to touch the opponent’s field[url=].[/url] Tags begin run across now to the enemy, then back. The winner is the one who conquers the entire field.
Present bonuses, a call to an aircraft that randomly bombes the enemy’s fields and can hurt yours. Interesting toy.

Thank you in advance
You can reply to the mail[url=]:[/url] judbayneoranderson@gmail[url=].[/url]com


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