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17/10/2009 10:48

Koncz's positioning resembling '48 Laws of Power'

17/10/2009 09:50
Alex Ariza vs. Michael Koncz as undercard on Manny Pacquiao's "Firepower" match with Miguel Cotto.  Ariza won round 1.  But instead, the Ariza vs. Koncz bout is a round robin boxing tournament (like the Super Six Middleweight tournament) dubbed "Power Grab."  (New York-based boxing...

Maybe Cotto has a serious shot at beating Pacquiao

17/10/2009 09:49
My old friend Sonny and I went to lunch today. He had pulled Miguel Cotto's fight record off of and he was prepared with a page of notes and a lot of attitude.    He really let me have it, saying my column about Cotto being "shot" that I ran yesterday was...

Pacquiao/Mayweather Superfight Depends on Pacquiao/Cotto PPV Numbers

17/10/2009 09:48
Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer told Boxing Scene today that he thinks Mayweather should get the lion's share of the money in any eventual fight with the winner of the Manny Pacquiao/Miguel Cotto fight on November 14. But he did add a caveat to that statement. If Pacquiao vs. Cotto does a million...

Pacquiao knocks down sparring partner as his conditioning coach knocks down his adviser

17/10/2009 09:46
Just when the weather forecast over Pacfans-Corner yielded rainbows and sunshines, Manny Pacquiao's drama-filled training camp in Baguio City, Philippines just provided fans with another reality show-type plot twist. Fortunately for Pacquiao fans, almost none of it has anything to do with the Pac...

The Build Up to a Superfight: Why Miguel Cotto – Manny Pacquiao Should Outsell Mayweather – Marquez

15/10/2009 13:48
The showdown between Floyd Mayweather, JR., and Juan Manuel Marquez was a great success. It was actually one of the better pay per views to come along in quite a while, supporting the main event with competitive and entertaining undercard matches and giving the viewer a lot of bang for the buck....

Manny Pacquiao speed will make Miguel Cotto dirty, says Roach

15/10/2009 13:47
Roach on Cotto: Cotto is a dirty fighter when he does not get his own way. Cotto uses his head, his elbows when he gets frustrated, and he gets dirty. We know the danger of Cotto’s left hook. That’s his best weapon, left hook to the body, and we’ll be staying away Freddie Roach told The Telegraph...

Pacquiao and his chainsaws

15/10/2009 13:41
The legendary Lou Duva said it best, " Pacquiao is going to hit this guy so many times, and he's going to be throwing punches from angles Cotto won't be able to deal with."    The thing about Manny Pacquiao when you look at him fight is how he moves.  The guy is all over the place,...

Isang Buwan Na Lang

15/10/2009 12:28
BAGUIO CITY -- Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat, mga minamahal kong mga tagasubaybay, tagahanga, kaibigan at kababayan. Sana ay nasa mabuti kayong kalagayan saan man kayo naroroon sa mundo. Opo, isang buwan na lang ang bibilangin at magkakasubukan na kami ng lakas, bilis at talino ni Miguel...

What's Next for Bob Arum's Many Stars?

15/10/2009 12:26
TAMPA, Fla. -- With eyes fixated on perspiration-soaked, WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto's workout, Bob Arum surveyed his latest promotional responsibility at The Fight Factory gymnasium like an artist appreciating his most recent piece. "Miguel is just a fighter with great, great heart,"...
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